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WhatsDm-Whatsapp Direct Message Sender| 2 App Single Price


As known ,WhatsApp is among the most widely used messaging applications on smart phones.
WhatsDm app provides you to send direct whatsapp messages to any phone number without saving them to your contact list. Our application is a useful tool because it allows you to quickly send messages to unknown or unregistered phone numbers. however, it allows you to create your own whatsapp link.

  • Works without internet too.
  • Send Messages directly to your contacts on Whatsapp.
  • Open chat with any unknow number like new numbers on calls logs.


  • There are 2 AdMob banner ads and AdMob interstitials in the app.
  • You can send notifications easily with Onesignal.
  • You can send notifications easily with Onesignal.
  • With Firebase Analytic, you can monitor application movements.
  • You can easily edit the application with detailed prepared reskin document.
  • And most importantly you can get continuous support at a point where you are hanging out.
  • You will receive two applications at one app price.  


WhatsDm With Permission Demo: From Google Drive

WhatsDm Without Permission Demo: Frome Google Drive


We also provide Reskin services at: https://www.fiverr.com/awoapp

WhatsDm-Whatsapp Direct Message Sender|Admob + Firebase Analytics+Onesignal+Clean Code - 1

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