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White-Book V2. Ionic 3 eBook Reader Application Template


White-Book V2. Ionic 3 eBook Reader Application Template.

White-Book V2 is a Full Application Template written in Ionic 3 using epub.js library. Compatible with EPUB eBook Format.


  • Run Mode
  • Table of Contents
    • Show the table of contents of a book
    • Tap chapter to go there
  • Highlights
    • Highligths list for each book
    • Tap & Select to add Highlights
    • Persist highlights for each eBook in a local SqlLite Database
    • Tap on a Highligh on a page and delete
    • Locate (go to location) highlight in eBook
  • Reading Progress
    • Show progress in % of current reading
    • Go to any location by taping on progress bar
  • Bookmarks
    • Bookmarks list for each book
    • Add/Remove Bookmark for current page(location)
    • Persist bookmarks for each eBook in a local SqlLite Database
    • Locate (go to location) bookmark in eBook
  • Last Location
    • Persist last reading location for each eBook in a local SqlLite Database
  • About the Book
    • Read ePub Metadata from eBook and show it in “About” dialog
  • Book Styling
    • Using 4 eBook Reading Themes
      • White
      • Tan
      • Grey
      • Black
    • Increase/Decrease Font size
    • Change from 7 Font Families
      • Athelas
      • Charter
      • Iowan
      • Palatino
      • San Francisco
      • Seravek
      • Times New Roman
    • Persist eBook Reading Theme in a local SqlLite Database
  • Multiple eBooks
    • Switch between different books
  • Last opened Book on top

You will:

Used Plugins & Resources

There is a Ionic v1 of this template that also uses Epub.js. And also has features “Last location, Go to location, Bookmarks, Highlights”. And it will be delivered for FREE if you purchase “White-Book V2. Ionic 3”

Change Log

Aug 24, 2018 – Version 2.1

 - Squashed small bugs
 - Added Download eBook for offline reading (Feature: 5)

July 6, 2018 – Version 2.0

 - Version 2.0 Release


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