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WooCommerce Dimension Search


WooCommerce Dimension Search, allows your users to search by the built in height, length, width and SKU / Product number.

With WooCommerce Dimension Search, you easily extend your online webshop. By adding a dimension search area. Which helps your customers, finding the right products and thereby increase sales!

The search area is customizable, so you can toggle between whether to show or hide search fields in WooCommerce shop pages. Also you are able to override the standard WooCommerce message, with your own custom message.The search fields can be added into multiple areas and widgets in WordPress, by using shortcodes.

You can customize the look and feel of the search fields, by choosing between the prebuilt themes. Change colors or by adding custom CSS styling, in the settings menu.

Features such as:

  • Support shortcodes
  • Search by height, length and width
  • Search by SKU / Product numbers
  • Individual show/hide settings
  • Add custom WooCommerce message
  • Choose between prebuilt themes
  • Choose colors and personalize
  • Add custom CSS


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