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Latest Version 1.3.1 – Feb 22, 2020 – view changelog

WordPress 5.3.x Ready

WooCommerce 3.9.x Ready

WPBakery Page Builder 6.1.x Ready

Concerning WooComerce Products Layouts, there is a quick rise of users who find this type to diversify the way their product items on their shop can be displayed beautifully and differently. And Woo Products Layouts plugin is a unique way to showcase your online shop’s products in the most appealing. This plugin offers more than 16 layouts including Tab, Slide, Masonry, and List (4 styles to select for each).

Furthermore, this WordPress plugin will be a complete solution for the eCommerce shop with working with both WPBakery Page Builder and WordPress Classic Editor. A plus for this plugin is the integration of Action Tooltip (for an attractive hover style) and Disable Action Button (for modifying each product more conveniently). In this way, you can customize what you love to display when hovering on product items.

More than 16 Products Layouts

Offering 4 main styles, our team has expanded 4 specific types for each which allows users freely get the favorite layout from mor than 16 creative layouts for product items.

8 Pre-designed Product Styles

The WooCommerce plugin offers up to 8 pre-made product styles which is so modern and attractive. Each product style shows most of essential information about the product as well as interactive actions as like, add to cart, compare, quick view, rating, etc. This function will make your shop be unique and more appealing.

Class Editor of WordPress

The WordPress plugin works perfectly with both WPBakery Page Builder and WordPress Classic Editor. So, now you can use this plugin without intsalling WPBakery Page Builder for simple editing as you want.

Action Tooltip

Offering 4 main styles, our team has expanded 4 specific types for each which allows users freely get the favorite layout from mor than 16 creative layouts for product items.

Disable Action

The default version showing on your items too many buttons as Add to Cart, Compare, Quick view, and Wish list. You love a neat when hovering and want to decrease the buttons, this function allows you to make it easily. Due to this awesome feature, you can show which button you love following the product filed you do business.

Everything around Product Details

Woo Products layouts helps you display product in the most professional with tons of small customization on each product such as loading styles, Product Filters, Sale Badge style, Sale badge position, etc.

Final Thoughts

Woo Products Layouts is crafted to make your e-commerce shop building process easier and nicer! Hopefully, you will find an easy way to display and manage your products with this woo-commerce plugin. Let’s start your journey and give us your treasurable comments!

It’s time to discover all highlight features:

  • User-friendly
  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited colors
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Easily filter Product
  • Easy-to-use Admin Panel
  • Action ToolTip
  • Disable Action
  • Easily Installation
  • Easily customize styles
  • Boostrap responsive
  • Multiple filter products
  • Work with WordPress Classic Editor
  • Work with WPBakery Page Builder
  • 16+ Display Product Layouts (List, Masonry, Tab, Slide)
  • AJAX Loading products, Pagination, and Infinite scroll
  • Compatible with Popular Themes
  • Compatible with Popular Plugins
  • And much more


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Change Logs

1.3.1 |Feb 22,2020|
    - [Fix] WooCommerce empty product thumbnail image.
    - [Fix] Checked & Fixed style issue.
1.3.0 |Apr 11,2019|
    - [Add] Support classic shortcode editor.
    - [Add] More hover product layouts.
    - [Fix] Masonry load more issue.
    - [Check] Wit the latest version of WP and WooCommerce.
1.2.1 |Aug 10,2017|
    - [FIX] Quickview issue on the Masonry layout.
    - [FIX] New layout for quick view popup.
    - [FIX] Product image carousel issue.
1.2.0 |April 13,2017|
    - [FIX] The conflict with WooCommerce 3.x
1.1.0 |Mar 2,2017|
    - [ADDED] Product countdown shortcode.
    - [FIX] Plugin function issue.
    - [FIX] Small Style issue.
    - First stable release




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