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WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin – Ask for Quotation


Install WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin to give Fast Quotes to your Potential Customers!

WooCommerce request a quote enables your potential buyers to ask for a price estimate right on a product or shop page. It saves the users from composing an email or reaching out to your support team through the contact us page.

Add and customize the ‘Add to Quote button’ and let the users fill out the simple quote form.

Furthermore, you can configure a success message on request submission and configure auto email replies. Allow registered users as well as guests to enquire about producing pricing.

You can manage all the quotes and reply to every user individually to ensure they convert into a buyer.

Enable the Add to Quote Button on Product and Catalog Pages!

You can enable the Add to Quote button to empower the potential buyers of your online store to enquire about price estimates of a product or service. Let them ask for a quote for multiple products as swiftly as they add the store items to the cart. It replaces the add-to-cart button with the add-to-quote option.

enable add a quote button

Add to Quote Form

A quick and easy-to-fill quote form appears to facilitate your potential buyers to ask for a quotation right on the product or shop page. It saves their time in moving to a dedicated contact us page.

add a quote form

Allow Guests to Submit a Request for Quote

With the WooCommerce quote plugin, you can allow the registered users & guests to submit a request. The guest users are overwhelmed to ask for a quote without logging into your eCommerce website.

Customize Add to Quote button and Success Message

You can add custom text to the Add to Quote button for better usability with the help of Woo rfq plugin. Let the users know the purpose of this button. Write a personalized success message to inform the users about their successful request submission.

customize add to quote button an message

Configure Auto-replies to Quote Requests

You can send auto-replies to the users to let them know that their requests are received and will be responded to soon. Set a sender name, email address, email subject, and text in response.

configure auto-replies

Manage All Quotes in a Centralized Menu

WooCommerce add to quote plugin allows you to manage all the quote requests from potential customers. You can view the requests one by one to reply accordingly. Compose professional replies in a WYSIWYG editor to convert these inquiries into buyers.

manage all quotes in centralized menu

Users can view their quotes on Shop Page and My account section

With the ‘view your quote’ option, users can get access to all the quote requests they have submitted to your website. Additionally, the registered users can view these requests in detail in their ‘My Account section.

Version 1.0.1
Bugs Fixes
Version 1.0.0
Initial release


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